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Carved archangel Bead EL603006
3.50ct Monazite from Shelby, North Carolina. Very rare gemstone cut by Me :)
8.90ct Natural APRICOT Petschite Cut by Me. Extremely rare stone 1 of a kind gem
Beautiful Unknown Fancy Cut Gemstone- 2.70ct- Vintage Estate Find
Ocean Jasper 37x22x5 mm Cabochon CAB EL151041
2.10ct Natural CHROME Mahenge Spinel.Finest Material Known Cut by Me:) GORGEOUS
Bello Jewels Gems Store Offers Authentic Gemstones
birthstones and Vedic gems, loose natural diamonds and gold diamond jewellery. Finding well crafted gemstones and real, good quality birthstones is not that easy. Online gems stores are abundant but question remains whether the gems offered by online sites ...
Cal vs. Oregon State Post-Game Thoughts
(1) Too Painful and Disgusting to Watch. I may say something ... Not every rock is a diamond. And not every rock can be polished into a gem. Sometimes a team has more rocks on it than diamonds and gems, and when it does, you're going to lose ...
Antique Collections, From Royal Goblets to Buddhist Robes
Gems are missing from metalwork in the collection ... Jewelers in the 1670s described thrones in India that really were studded with diamonds. The book comes with a portfolio of 40 loose prints, so gift recipients can create their own ...
The Natural Sapphire Company Announces The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year For Sapphires, Rubies, And Sparking Cheer!
This makes them exceptionally rare gems to own ... untreated loose sapphires and rubies, as well as offering for purchase a one-of-a-kind, $1.5 million 69.35 carat natural oval blue sapphire and diamond ring. For more information, visit http ...
Park Place Outreach - Youth Emergency Shelter Receives $941 from Diamond Dash Raffle
we’ve worked to establish relationships that have helped us to become a reputable source of diamonds and other brilliant gems from around the world. Today, customers who make us their jeweler can shop our incredible selection of loose diamonds ...
Nice Unknown Faceted Purple Gemstones in Gem-Jar- 12.05ct- Vintage Estate Find
Nice Unknown Faceted Mixed Gemstones in Gem-Jar- 6.85ct- Vintage Estate Find
Carved Swan Bead C EJ503095
26.35CT Pigeon Blood Red Ruby 13x18MM Rectangle Cut AAAA+ Loose Gemstone Gifts
Carved Pegasus Bead EL601012
Unknown Faceted Light Blue Gemstones in Gem-Jar- 8.50ct- Vintage Estate Find
Treasure Hunt - 2200 Carats of Gemstones + 10 Carats of Faceted Gemstones
Nice Unknown Faceted Green Gemstones- 9.60ct- Vintage Estate Find.
Natural Colombian Emerald Loose 1/2 ct Emerald-cut 5.5x5mm E7K07
Nice Unknown Faceted Clear Gemstones in Gem-Jar- 14ct- Vintage Estate Find
Multi-Color Amazonite 56x41x8 mm Pendant bead EL011023
Ocean Jasper 46x22x4 mm Cabochon CAB EL151027
Ocean Jasper 49x21x5 mm Pendant bead EL013012
Ocean Jasper 35x17x6 mm Pendant bead EL013014
Lovely Unknown Faceted Orange Gemstones- 8.40ct- Vintage Estate Find.
Crazy Lace Stone Jasper 42x28x6 mm Pendant bead EK000211
Crazy Lace Stone Jasper 50x35x7 mm Pendant bead EK000295
Blue Sapphire Loose 0.55 ct 6x4mm S8839
Unknown Faceted Purple Heart Gemstones in Gem-Jar- 2.40ct- Vintage Estate Find
Multi-Color Amazonite 48x48x8 mm Pendant bead EL011050
Unknown Faceted Clear Gemstone in Gem-Jar- Nicked- 4.05ct- Vintage Estate Find.
4 Untreated Natural sapphire Blue Kyanite Oval loose Gemstones Free Shipping
Natural 5mm .75ct VVS Round Tanzanite Loose Gem
Crazy Lace Stone Jasper 51x36x7 mm Pendant bead EJ008056
Lovely Unknown Faceted Yellow Gemstones- 11.60ct- Vintage Estate Find.
GLC Chanthaburi Gemological Laboratory Brief Report With Photo x1
Natural Colombian Emerald Loose 1.25 ct Pear-cut 10x6mm E7j09
Hand Carved Nymph Bead EK402001
Fordite Cabochon (suzybones)
Chrysocolla 53x28x7 mm Pendant bead EK002399
Noreena Jasper 48x39x6 mm Pendant bead EB000014
Crazy Lace Stone Jasper 52x40x7 mm Pendant bead EJ008100
Chalcedony 34x28x5 mm Cabochon CAB EL153000
Multi-Color Amazonite 55x35x9 mm Pendant bead EL011004
Purple Gemstone - 1.87ct
Crazy Lace Stone Jasper 52x21x6 mm Pendant bead EK000038
Carved The Baptism Of Christ Bead C EF514169
Ocean Jasper 27x17x5 mm Cabochon CAB EL151050
Crazy Lace Stone Jasper 51x34x7 mm Pendant bead EK000428
Ocean Jasper 33x24x10 mm Pendant bead EL013028
Ocean Jasper 39x19x13 mm Pendant bead EL013049
Green Sapphire Loose 0.55 ct 6x4mm faceted oval S8838
Flame Jasper 53x25x7 mm Pendant bead EK008103
Red Snake Skin Jasper 36x25x5 mm Cabochon CAB EL160067
Natural Colombian Emerald Loose 1/2 ct Emerald-cut 6x5mm E7K06
Flame Jasper 57x35x6 mm Pendant bead EK008032
Ocean Jasper 35x27x8 mm Cabochon CAB EL151002
Multi-Color Amazonite 7.5" Inch Bead Set ZZ001104
G82099 26x3 Tiger Iron Gem Donut Pendant Bead
Charles and Colvard Forever One GHI Moissanite 6X4mm Radiant With Certificate
Succor Creek Jasper 7" Inch Bead Set ZZ013158
Pietersite 53x31x6 mm Pendant bead EJ005004
Crazy Lace Stone Jasper 50x44x6 mm Pendant bead EK000154
Carved Angel Bead CD EJ601058
Chrysocolla 57x28x6 mm Pendant bead EK002033
Large Zandrite color change Green to Pink Loose 5.50ct Round cut Z8863
G81310 49x30x10 Rhodonite Carved Goldfish Pendant Bead
Green Obsidian faceted Loose Tsavorite-colored 4 choices G8506
19 Polished stone Cabochons Mixed stone types and sizes for jewelry making
Tumbled Multicolor Agate 16" Nugget Strand EJ704000
G81274 49x29x10 Tiger Eye Gem Carved Goldfish Pendant Bead
Natural Gemstone Horn Moon Shape Crystal Healing Stone Pendants Charms
2 Faceted 5/3mm Genuine Hand Cut Vintage Paraiba Tourmaline Brazil Faceted Stone
Carved Bacchus Bead EL602121
Chrysoprase Oval flat back Cabochon High Quality 4x6 5x7 up to 10x14 sizes
68.62 Ct - Beautiful Unheated Natural Rough Green Chrysoprase Madagascar
Natural Gemstone Horn Moon Shape Crystal Healing Stone Pendants Charms
Tumbled Ocean Jasper 16" Nugget Strand EJ700000
Mother of Pearl (Shell) One Pair 10mm Round Cabochons
6 polished faceted gemstones 31.95g
Tiger's Eye Oval Cabochon Gemstone
Mother of Pearl (Shell) TWO Pair 6mm Round Cabochons
Cheetha Agate 41x28x6 mm Pendant bead EL001038
Y61210 11Pcs Unakite Gem Freeform Pendant Beads
Natural Agate Druzy Geode Pendant Bead Gold Plated B070826
Tiger's Eye stone polished gemstone 9.46g
Tiger's Eye stone polished gemstone 9.41g
Tiger's Eye stone polished gemstone 9.24g
Natural $800 6X4mm .75ct Colombian Emerald Loose Gem NICE!
54.02 Ct - Beautiful Unheated Natural Rough Green Chrysoprase Madagascar
Rough Natural Brazilian Galaxy Quartz Bangle Gold Plated B070921
Carved Horse Bead CD EK600025
G81272 49x29x10 Tiger Eye Gem Carved Goldfish Pendant Bead
Crazy Lace Stone Jasper 43x36x6 mm Pendant bead EK000192
Natural Spodumene / Hiddenite 14mm 10 ct Square custom Cushion
Chrysoprase Oval flat back Cabochon High Quality 4x6 5x7 up to 10x14 sizes
Tiger's Eye 41x26x7 mm Pendant bead EK009088
82.67 Ct - Beautiful Unheated Natural Rough Green Chrysoprase Madagascar
Moissanite Oval Shape Forever One Loose VVS1 D-E-F Color Excellent Cut
Y57840 55x37x18 Abalone Shell Freeform Pendant Bead
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11100
How Gemfields Plans to Be the “De Beers of Gemstones"
IH: The diamond industry is an industry without a leader. Each of the big players is giving a different message. De Beers says diamonds are for engagement rings. Other people say ... be high-end hard luxury, with jewelry, watches, a big focus on color.
Top Movie and Television Stars Wear Platinum Jewelry to the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards
Platinum is the ideal choice for red carpet jewelry because it holds diamonds and precious gemstones more securely than any other metal. It is not only the ... from her property in Dalhart this week. Watch Tuesday at 10pm as NewsChannel 10 Pays It Forward ...
INAUGURATION WATCH: A special dress ends a big day
A NEW CHAPTER AP National Political Editor Liz Sidoti closes Inauguration Watch by summing up the day's events ... ruby colored chiffon and velvet gown with a handmade diamond embellished ring by jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald. She is wearing shoes ...
Allurez: An Increase in 2012 Holiday Sales Ring in a Promising 2013
Many within the jewelry industry believe that 2013 jewelry sales look bright, especially for emerald gemstones ... designer and retailer that carries loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, and other fine jewelry. In addition they have a complete ...
Obama's elegant inauguration spins to a starry end
The White House said this one is custom-made, ruby red, sleeveless, backless, cinched at the waist, chiffon and velvet, flowing pleats falling to the floor, with a handmade diamond-embellished ring by jewelry designer ... first with each other and then ...
Swatch Group Acquires Harry Winston for $750 Million
which is best known for its colorful Swatch plastic watches, the deal marks a new attempt to get a foothold in high-end jewelry. Its partnership with U.S. jeweler Tiffany ended in 2011 with the companies suing each other. Swatch Group and Dominion Diamond ...